Hatchett Documents - Notes of William R. Hatchett

The following is contained in the diary of John Hatchett, immediately following the last entry of John Hatchett's writing. It was written by William Russell Hatchett, the son and only child of John Hatchett. The text below is a literal translation of the text, with my notes in square brackets. The square brackets and what is within them is not in the actual document. I have also literally kept the line breaks as present in the original document, and have placed single blank lines separating pages to fully convey the actual format of the original.

For genealogists of the Russell family, note that there is an important difference between this transcription and the previous one by Dr. Eggleston, which until the actual diary resurfaced, was the only known transcript. There is a footnote at the bottom of the first page that Dr. Eggleston applied to Dr. Dryden (that he was from Ireland). Actually, there is a mark by the name of Wm. Russell, and the same mark by that line at the bottom of the page. I'm confident that the line about coming from Ireland when quite young was intented to apply to William Russell (Wm. R. Hatchett's grandfather), not Dr. Dryden.

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Copyright 2012 Steve Hatchett

My Mother's name was Nancy
Russell, Daughter of + Wm. Russell.
My Grandfather Wm. Russell had
two wives,- his first wife was the wid-
=ow Cannon, (who had one son James
Cannon,) by whom he had 5 children
to wit. Joe, Ned, William, James, & Molly. 
His second wife was Ann Furgason
by whom he had 4 children, to wit.
John, Thomas, Nancy & Peggy.
John got a fall from his horse which
fractured his scull, & occasioned his
death. My mother Nancy dyed
when I was about 9 months old, of
the consumption, & my Father John
Hatchett never married again.
Thos. Russell married Nancy Parish [could be Parin]
& moved to the Missouri.- he had 4
children, Fanny who married a Flood,
Nancy who married a Rowton, Elisa
-beth who married a Dr. Dryden,
+ who came from Ireland when quite young,
[the last line I'm confident is a footnote
meant to apply to Wm. Russell at top of page]

["a son named" written in pencil by unknown person] 
& Hocket.- Peggy Russell married
Wm. Davies, by whom she had two chil-
=dren, John Thomas & Nancy, & died
of the consumption. Wm. Davies moved
to N. Carolina & married again.
a Miss Penick [or Perrick], by whom he has sev=
=eral children. The above daughter
Nancy died when just grown up, & 
John Thomas is married.
I married Polly Womack, dau=
=ghter of Tignal Womack, and grand
daughter of Wm Womack's.- my wifes
[insertion for line below] (Her mother's mother was a Mumford, her father's mother a Bland)
mother was Nancy Rudder [or Ruddle] ^ - They had
11 children, to wit. Polly, Archer,
Sam, William, Nancy, Richard,
Clarinda, James, Eliza, Martha, 
and Allen.- Tignal Womack moved
to Ky. Greenup Cty. in the fall of 1816
& there died.- his daughter Martha
died when just grown up.- the rest
[of] the children all married.
             Wm R Hatchett

[On the backside of the front page of John Hatchett's diary is the following   ]
[written in the hand of William R. Hatchett:]

[in pencil]

           W R Hatchett
           Sept 1, 1840

[in ink, the following relates to individuals in the colonial Methodist church.]
[Charles Wesley was very critical of Asbury's ordination, and wrote many lines ]
[of verse about it such as that quoted by Wm. R Hatchett below.]

After Dr. Coke had ordained Mr. Asbury
a bishop, Mr. Charles Wesley vented his contempt
[damaged, probably "in"] the following lines:
       A Roman emperor 'tis said,
       His favorite horse a consul made;
       But Coke brings stranger things to pass,
       He made a bishop of an ass."
[the following footnote relating to the emperor's name]
                     x Caligula

[on a loose fragment of a page, in the hand of Wm R. Hatchett that I'm not sure]
[where it fits in the sequence of pages is the following. On one side is       ]
[writting in the hand of John Hatchett (the "O how my life goes" bit tran-     ]
[scribed with the John Hatchett diary), and on the other side is the following.]
[It appears to be a small bit of info jotted down, not part of a larger text.  ]
[The women mentioned are almost surely all daughters of Margaret Remay. Note   ]
[that in the 1800's, Patty was a nickname for Martha. Martha Hatchett married  ]
[first to John Neal, 2nd to Francis(aka Frank) Roberts. Jane and Martha were   ]
[daughters of Wm. Hatchett & Margaret Remay. Margaret Remay and an earlier     ]
[husband John Neal had a daughter Mary Neal, who married a Robert Marshall.]

Jane married John Truely
Patty married a Neal, 2d. Husband. Frank Roberts
____ married a Marshall [the underline is in the original]

[then in different ink, clearly written at a different time...]

When Doct[?] Coke ordained Mr. Asbury a bishop, Charles Wesley
vented himself in the following philipic: [philippic, a damning speech]
   "A roman emperor 'tis said
   His favorite horse a consul made,
   But Coke brings stranger things to pass;
   He made a bishop of an ass."