Sirup-Miezis Family Documents

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1866 Pauline Apin birth certificate (on front) and marriage record (on back).
Translations from Russian below images.
Vital-1866 Pauline Apin Birth Cert front.jpg
Birth certificate.
On Dec. 8 1866 was born and on Dec. 25 1866 was christened
			   Pauline Laura Apping
Name and surname of parents:
	Father: Piotr Apping
		of Lutheran faith
	Mother: Anna
		of Lutheran faith
	Yan Apping
	Pauline Trey
	Lize Karkling
This is confirmed in the Birth Parish Register fo rthe years 1866,
No. 105 of the Bikkern Evangelic-Lutheran Church.
	Pastor's certification and the Curhch's seal
	Pastor Rottermund
In Riga, July 4, 1892
	Translated by Pator Rottermund

Vital-1866 Pauline Apin Birth Cert back.jpg
This is to certify that Riga employee Pauline Petrova Apping entered
into marriage with ..illegible.. of Naukshensk region, Volmark district, 
Yan Karlovich Mezis on May 30, 1891. This is to serve as a record made
in the Parish register in the 2nd police district of Mitovsk part of
Riga city, 1892 under No.4