Sirup-Miezis Family Documents

1894 William Miezis Birth Certificate
Translation from Russian below image.
Vital-1894 William Miezis Birth Cert.jpg
Extraction from Baptist Parish register of Births of the
Petersburg district of Riga city.
	Article No. 17
In 1894, on Feb. 26, Yan Karlovich Mezis, peasant from 
Naukshensk region, Volmarsk district, announced that in
1892, on Feb. 8, from his marriage to Pauline Petrova
Apping, a son was born and wsa named Villem. The marriage
of the mentioned parents took place in 1891, May 30, as
is certified  by marriage extract from a Marriage register
of Mitovsk part of Riga city on Oct. 21, 1891 under No.3.
To certify of the baby boy's parents, the following
winesses were present in person: Yan Matisov Dzelting,
peasant from Ezer/isk/ district, Golodin/chensk/ settlement,
and Kritian Gustavov Vetsoozol of Riga city. As a
certification the following signatures: Y. Dzelting, Y.
Mezis, Kritian Vetsoozol. The truthfulness and authenticity
of this document is certified by ..illegible.. Rossman.
	I certify the authenticity of this extract.
		Riga city, March 3, 1894
			Inspector of Police of the 1st Ward of
			St. Petersburg district of Riga